A kick off to "Fiestas Patrias"

Sep 7th

5:30pm - 10pm vip

101 Lawrence Way, Denver, CO 80204

Outdoor venue known as «Lawrence St Plaza» and an indoor venue, St. Cajetan’s Church, both located on Auraria Campus in Downtown.




You will receive a code that validates your spot when you buy your ticket.






Enjoy the night and VOTE for your favorite spirits.

This passport was created for Amor a la Mexicana in collaboration with our dear friend,

Crystal Estrada

Champion of Culture and Agave.

amor a la mexicana

Experience the ultimate fusion of Mexican spirits, art, culture, and flavors at Amor a la Mexicana, the unparalleled Denver celebration!

General Admission Ticket (21+)

6:30 pm - $85 (General Line)


VIP Admission Ticket (21+)

5:30 pm - $140


Groups (21+)

For groups of more than 10, email us at:

THE brands


Tequila Herradura

Distilled from 100% blue agave, this tequila is aged for at least one year in oak barrels, giving it a rich, smooth flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel.


Los Muertos Mezcal

Crystalline mezcal with smoky aromas responsible for transmitting elegance and courage. A flavor with a smooth texture and light weight.


Pluma Negra

Tepeteztate 52%

Fresh herbs and newly cut grass with a hint of eucaliptus. Warm and soft on the palate, with bright herbal notes.


Casa Azul Tequila

A UNIQUE PLANT-FIRST APPROACH. The vibrant character and flavor of agave, with an exceptionally smooth finish. 

Hacienda Navarro

Is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave. Produced in Jalisco, Mexico only agaves from Tequila Valley (near Jalisco) with the highest maturity and sugar levels, having grown for 8 years, are used.

Mi gusto es Mezcal

Espadín Joven

Cooked maguey aroma, light ferment and almost imperceptible smoky white flowers. Sweet notes of yellow fruit slightly astringent.

Mezcal un día a la vez

Puntas Espadín

Intense herbaceous notes of freshly cut grass, intense aroma of minerals and baked maguey. Its light boiling touches, likewise to the baked maguey.

Por lo bueno Mezcal

Caramelized peach, fresh hay, white chocolate, nutmeg, pine & beeswax, petrichor. Mouth-filling, cinnamon, honeysuckle, black cherry, grilled corn, big peacock tail.


Mezcal Tepeztate

It’s an agave that unabashedly loves to grow and spread its exotic leaves. Its notes are herbal, earthy, and fruity, which enhances its complexity and freshness.

Hasta las Nubes

Predominant notes of fresh grass, damp earth and soft smoke. Soft notes of caramel and ripe fruit.

Campo Bravo

Brave Field

Additive-free tequila that over delivers character, quality, and tradition. 100% Blue Weber Agave tequila made by hardworking people for hardworking people.


Exclusively made with 100% Blue Weber agave. We start by selecting only stable and healthy shoots, or hijuelos, that are already 2-3 years old. Our agave takes 6-8 years to grow before becoming fully ripe for the harvest.

Dulce Vida

100% Blue Weber Agave, highlands (Los Altos), sustainably farmed & produced, award-winning, and certified additive-free tequila. Enjoy the Sweet Life!

El Mayor

To this day, we instill age-old processes and values handed down from generation to generation. Every sip and every bottle represent the continuation of the very legacy we’ve worked so hard to create.


100% agave tequila rich in tradition and artistry, paired with the spicy, vibrant flavors that we enjoy and want to drink today. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!.


Each bottle of LALO is 100% pure. We distill only twice to maintain the integrity of our agave, and add no flavors or additives. With LALO, our ingredients are only agave, yeast and water to honor the complex essence of agave.

Los Arango

Los Arango tequila is made exclusively from the ancient blue weber agave plant. After 38 hours of slow cooking in adobe clay ovens followed by a 12 hour rest, we ferment our tequila using a specialty strain of yeast developed in-house.

Madre Mezcal


Bright and smooth, lively hints of fruit are accompanied by soft floral notes. Light on the tongue with a soft alcohol impression and subtle smoke on the finish.

Perro de San Juan

We are inspired to bring to the world the mezcal produced by families with more than four generations of experience. Cerro de la Cruz is a natural source of water located in San Dionisio Ocotepec.

Rancho La Gloria

Rancho La Gloria is the #1 selling ready to drink margarita in the US! Now Rancho La Gloria is proud to present our award winning tequilas are made with 100%


Crystal clear in appearance. Complex aromas and flavours of spice, herb, pepper, brine/sea salt and citrus with candied, floral notes and hints of caramel and sweet fruit.


Mezcal Colibri del Sur

Y’dob (yé dob) offers the market a wide range of mezcals with genuine organoleptic characteristics and unmatched quality and flavor.

THE sponsors

Lead sponsor vacante

At Amor a la Mexicana, we are proud to celebrate our love for Mexico and its rich cultural heritage. We are delighted to have Fitzsimons Credit Union as our lead sponsor, as their mission to understand and support the lifelong financial needs of individuals reflects our shared commitment to nurturing and uplifting our community. Together, we embrace our Mexican pride and work tirelessly to exceed expectations, ensuring that every moment of the event showcases the beauty, flavors, and traditions of Mexico. With Fitzsimons Credit Union’s support, we are empowered to create an immersive experience that truly embodies our love and pride for Mexico.

Thank you to our In-Kind Sponsor

We are thrilled to partner with Tequila Herradura, one of our esteemed major sponsors! Just as we are driven by our love for Mexican culture, Herradura shares our singular passion for tequila and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Their commitment to pushing the limits, creating new expressions, and perfecting old ones resonates deeply with our event’s mission to showcase the richness and craftsmanship of Mexican heritage. With Herradura’s support, we are able to elevate the experience and offer our attendees an unforgettable journey through the world of tequila, immersing them in the flavors, traditions, and boundless possibilities that make Mexico so exceptional. Together, we embody the spirit of celebration and pride, inviting all to raise a glass and savor the true essence of Amor a la Mexicana. 

Thank You Fabiola Castillo

Thank you for your invaluable support as a sponsor, mentor, and consultant to Amor a la Mexicana. Through your company, Finest Quality Imports, you have made a lasting impact on our events, elevating the quality and showcasing the finest products. We are grateful for your generosity and passion, which have fostered a strong sense of community and unity. Your contributions have been instrumental to our success, and we are honored to have you as a valued member of Amor a la Mexicana. 

legacy sponsors

For the last 4 years we’ve had the privilege to work with amazing brands


Marlene Bedoya

Generosity Works 

A passionate advocate for justice, equality, and supporting immigrant communities. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by undocumented individuals, Marlene has dedicated herself to providing crucial assistance to vulnerable individuals. Her commitment to making a positive impact led her to discover a passion for fundraising, using her skills to raise funds and support community initiatives. 

Rachel Garcia

Mexican Cultural Center

Rachel has deep roots and connections in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. She has a great dedication to the arts and creative communities in Denver. Her love of the creative community grew from a desire to connect with like-minded people and to give back. She found her chosen family through the arts, social justice pursuits and through community advocacy particularly for immigrant and refugee communities.